Spain – Barcelona

A beachfront city full of modern art and ingenious architecture!


The Capital of the province of Catalonia & the home of the work of Antonio Gaudi. During my weekend I visited the Sagrada Familia (Despite it still looking like a construction site, It didn’t take away the fact that it was a genius piece of architecture), I also saw an open air public light show outside the House of Bones (Casa Batlló) which was really impressive!




With girls being in the minority of the group this weekend we obviously visited Camp Nou, but for a non-football fan It was still worth the visit despite the experience being slightly ‘fake’. We also wandered around the Olympic park, which is now the business area of town. Further down you will find the zoo and the beach. Along the beach you will find expensive but luxurious restaurants with sofas to lie down on and people giving head massages as you eat.


Beside it is a picture of some Catalan tomato bread, served warm and with a garlic dip!




I stayed with a friend in Sabadell, on the outskirts of Barcelona and a city within it’s own rights with enough things to occupy someone for a day or two: Lovely parks, museums and churches etc.

Transport: After living in a bubble in Granada for a month, Barcelona seemed enormous  The Metro system is a great way to get about and there are tickets you can which permits you to use any type of public transport!

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